Be Content.

“… Jesus asked them, “How many loaves of bread do you have? Go and see.” When they found out, they said, “Five loaves and two fish.” Then Jesus told his followers to have the people sit in groups of fifty or a hundred. Jesus took the fives loaves and two fish and, looking up to heaven, he thanked God for the food. He divided the bread and gave it to his followers for them to give to the people. Then he divided the two fish among them all. All the people ate and were satisfied. The followers filled twelve baskets with the leftover pieces of bread and fish. There were five thousand men who ate. ”
(Mark 6: 38-44)

This story always amazes me. There are so many things that it teaches; things to learn from it. Contentment, Trust, selflessness, gratitude. All super important. They all felt satisfied after small pieces of food. I think the reason this is, is because, ultimately, they were selfless, and did not want more than anyone else, but they were also content.

They put it in their hearts how much of a blessing it is, and they were content in what was given to them. They realized it was what they were going to get, and they made a decision right there, not to be greedy.

This reminds me of the Christmas tape, The Christmas Carol. Specifically the Disney version. Take Tiny Tim for example. He was always joyful even in the difficult trials he was facing. They came to the table with only bite-sized meals. And yet he was filled with the unmistakable joy that The Lord had given him for blessing their family.

It should not be about how much you have, but how thankful you are for every little thing you are given. Do you recognize your many blessings, or do you go day by day, not even thinking about them?

One day, maybe all, maybe one thing, that is very special to you, will not be there. It is your decision how you want to go about those dear things, people, circumstances, whatever it may be.

The things that God gives us are for our own good. He wants us to have the full, abundant life that He’s planned for us. (see John 10:10) We can either sit around, waiting for Him to give us things to fill our life completely, or we can look for the full in our lives that we already have. The truth is, we will never really be satisfied, no matter how much we get. the only one who can truly satisfy our hearts, is the One who made them.

He can wipe every tear from our eyes. A new car can’t. He can fill our hearts with everlasting joy. A new outfit won’t do that. He can give us grace and love so powerful, that we can’t even describe it. A new phone can’t, and never will be able to do that.

Now, I am not saying that I have mastered this task. I struggle with this daily. In fact, it’s one of the main struggles that I have. But I am using what I have learned to encourage others who may struggle with the same thing. We’re all humans, and we have the desire for more worthless ‘stuff’. But God can give us the ability to overcome our selfish desires and find contentment in what we have.

The truth is, life is only temporary. Everything in it is temporary and won’t last for eternity. But Christ does. He is forever. His love is never-ending. His grace is the reason why we can rejoice when hearing the word ‘temporary’. instead of fear it. He will last.

Fill your heart will gratitude and He will make you content. Recognize all of your blessings while you still have them. Rejoice in all of life’s circumstances, and He will bless you with a life you can’t even imagine.

Be content in the Lord, and you will find life.


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